I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things

-Mother Teresa

Losing a person is probably the most traumatic thing that can happen in the life of a parent. And in the year 2013, we had the misfortunate of knowing what it feels like, when we lost our friend Gowtham. Through that pain and grief, our eyes were opened to the sufferings of thousands of young children around the world; children suffering for no fault of theirs. Except for having been born in the wrong place.

Except for having been born in the wrong place. Our dream was to reach out to those children in need. And as a small step towards that causes, the Gowtham Charitable Trust was founded in 2013.

Our compassion towards the helpless has focused us to concentrate on providing Free Computer Education to rural people, Donating Corpus Fund to bright and economically weak students, Donating Note Books to Schools Students

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